quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2016


I met you and my eyes met your entire body in two seconds. Can you believe that? I don't know if it changes anything, but I have autism. And I have never been more interested in anything such as you. I mean, is it normal to be SO interested like this?
You looked like the most shining object in the room. I like shining. I seek out shiny things. So of course I'd be attracted to you. I mean, man, look at your jet black hair. It shines. Why does it shine so much? What do you do with your hair? Just like that I spent all night looking at your hair and the different shades in different lights and its different shines.  I couldn't even speak. Your hair was too much to see, too much to play, too much to unravel. So what did you say? Yeah, sure, send me a message with the title, it must be an interesting podcast to listen to. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I should keep asking questions just to not be creepy for the fact that I'm still looking at your hair. Of course your answers mattered, but, you know, they didn't really mattered. I'd fall in love with you either way.  

I couldn't keep my hands out of your hair. 
I can still smell your hair.
Has anyone ever loved your hair as much as I do?

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